Virtual NORFACE GxE conference (Nov, 2020)


November 5 - 6, 2020


Virtual Zoom Meeting


Third meeting (online).

Day 1:

  • Prof. Michel Nivard
    • “The application of Genomic Structural equation models to address selection bias and gene-environment correlation”
  • Prof. Hans van Kippersluis
    • “Stop meta-analyzing, start instrumenting: Maximizing the predictive power of polygenic scores”
  • Prof. Lauren Schmitz
    • “Methods for improving the detection and utility of G x E interactions in population data”
  • Dilnoza Muslimova
    • “Dynamic complementarity in skill production: Evidence from genes and birth order”
  • Dr. Fleur Meddens
    • “First insights from a GWAS of physical activity on >1 million individuals”
  • Prof. Ben Domingue
    • “Distinguishing between interaction and dispersion effects in the analysis of gene-environment interaction”

Day 2:

  • Getoar Sopa
    • “What is the confidence interval of a polygenic score?”
  • Fleur Meddens
    • “The impact of the polygenic score construction method on the ranking of individuals in the polygenic score distribution”
  • Tom Roestenberg
    • “Stochastic Frontier Analysis with genetic data”
  • Samuel Baker
    • “GWAS on lesser notifiable diseases”
  • Emil Normark Sorensen
    • “Income shocks and mental health”
  • Jeremy Vollen
    • “Is genetic advantage concentrated among higher socioeconomic status families?” _____