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Media Coverage


Who we are and what we drink – genes, pubs and alcohol policy by Chris Zünd

Birth rank – does it make a difference? by Dilnoza Muslimova


The Influence of our Genes with intervention by Pietro Birolii (in German)

The Bristol Festival of Ideas with Fleur Meddens and Stephanie Von Hinke

The doctorate of a sweet thooth with Fleur Meddens

Data sources

Core data sources

  • Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children (ALSPAC)
  • UK Biobank (UKB)
  • English Longitudinal Study of Aging (ELSA)
  • Health and Retirement Study (HRS)
  • Wisconsin Longitudinal Study (WLS)

Secondary data sources

Other Possible datasets

  • National Child Development Study (NCDS)
  • Millenium Cohort Study
  • Estonian Biobank
  • BBMRI (THL) Finnish Biobank
  • TwinksUK
  • Generation Scotland
  • Danish Biobank


The code for all of the papers can be found at this Github page.