Call for papers Conference “Genes, Social Mobility, and Inequalities across the Life-Course”

Dates and location

01-02 July 2021 | Munich, Germany




Mid-May 2021


We are pleased to announce the conference “Genes, Social Mobility, and Inequalities across the Life-Course”. This conference aims to improve our understanding how genetic endowments and childhood circumstances shape life choices, health, and socio-economic outcomes across the life-course of individuals. Furthermore, we want to discuss the scope for public policy to level the playing field. We encourage submissions from the following fields:

  • Inter- and intragenerational social mobility

  • Gene-environment interactions

  • Human capital and skill formation

  • Equality of Opportunity

We also welcome submissions from related strands of the literature. Preference is given to papers over abstracts. In particular, we strongly encourage Ph.D. students to participate. Submissions must be done electronically via the indicated link. There is no participation fee. The conference may be held online depending on the pandemic situation.


  • Pietro Biroli (U of Zurich)
  • Tonu Esko (U of Tartu)
  • Stephanie von Hinke (U of Bristol)
  • Philippe van Kerm (LISER)
  • Hans van Kippersluis (Erasmus U)
  • Arnaud Lefranc (CY Cergy Paris)
  • Andreas Peichl (LMU Munich)
  • Alain Trannoy (AMSE)
  • Daniel Waldenström (IFN Stockholm)


Paul Hufe

IFO Institute

Poschingerstr. 5 81679 Munich / Germany

This workshop is funded by the New Opportunities for Research Funding Agency Cooperation in Europe (NORFACE) through the projects GEIGHEI and IMCHILD.